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Typically, we exercise for a number of reasons. Mostly physical reasons such as to lose weight and building muscle, but also for non-physical reasons such as our mental health. We can see the physical benefits quite easily, and many of us can feel and appear better, calm, and de-stressed after exercising.

Less visible, but perhaps even more important, is the profound influence exercise has on the structure of our brains - an influence that can protect and preserve brain health and function throughout life.

Some experts believe that the human brain may depend on regular physical activity to function optimally…

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As winter consumes the northern hemisphere, the temperature drops. Daylight hours are short, many people may want to spend more time indoors.

Add to the mix those of us under lockdown for the second time may feel even less inclined to get outside and exercise. But staying indoors may have unintended health consequences, due to both a lack of physical activity and exposure to daylight.

Being physically active all year long has many benefits to both physical and mental health. Exercise may even counter some of the negative effects winter weather can have on our energy levels and mood.

My 2020 Running Story - Part 2

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For part one of my Breaking 2: Year In Review, please check out the below post.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody!

So to recap on the year thus far (January 1st - June 30th), I have laced up 81 times covering 728.7km averaging 9km/run. As for my 1,600km target, I am currently 66.9km behind pace (795.6km), but after a pretty terrible March and April, things are looking up…

July: Off to the Races

July is here which means a couple things in Toronto. Firstly, it’s hot and humid as heck, which makes running during the day unbearable at times. …

My 2020 Running Story - Part 1

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Recap: After running the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon on October 20, 2019, I set myself the goal to run a half marathon in 2020 in under two hours. My current personal best is 2:20:02, meaning I need to shave off 20 minutes and 3 seconds to succeed. If you’d like to read more, please read below:

It’s been one heck of a year! Full of ups, downs, frustrations, and runner’s highs. But it wasn’t as straight forward of a year. While I achieved some goals, I fell short of a few that I really wanted to hammer out.


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Aoife Callaghan of Ulster University Elks in action against Ciara Byrne of Portlaoise Panthers during the Hula Hoops Women’s Division One National Cup semi-final at Neptune Stadium in Cork.

On Tuesday, December 8th, Basketball Ireland announced a new partnership with AWARE, the depression charity for Northern Ireland. Supporting those affected by depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder, AWARE is Basketball Ireland’s second charity partnership, having also linked up with the youth mental health charity Jigsaw.

As part of the partnership, Basketball Ireland will aid fundraising for AWARE, while a series of initiatives are planned as part of the collaboration, to help players, coaches, schools, clubs and international sides.

Helping promote the partnership will be four ambassadors including Ireland internationals and Belfast Star duo Conor and Aidan Quinn, Ireland 3x3 international…

A Beginner’s Guide

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Collection of Winter running in 2019/2020.

It’s that time of the year again, the days are getting shorter, and the mercury will be plummeting into the negatives. If you’re lucky enough to be in the southern hemisphere, (or in Toronto where Mother Nature likes to tease us with warm weather in early November), you can skip winter and go straight to my ‘It’s Getting Hot Out There’ guide below.

For the rest of us who are facing winter head-on, your running shouldn’t suffer because of the weather. By suffering, I am also including the treadmill (or “dreadmill” as I like to call it).

This will be…

It’s Not Just Physical

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“I just don’t have the body of a long distance runner”

- Some younger version of me pre-2017

I’ve always been a larger fella. Or as I would also hear, “built like a brick shit house.” The point is, I am solidly built. Runners, typically the elites at least, are of the relatively smaller build variety. This was one of a number of excuses I’d make when I was not a runner (or at least try to be), and then ultimately quit running.

Sadly, I hear this all too frequently, especially with new runners. There is a focus while training…

Time to Wake Up and Work Out

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Morning exercise is a great way to feel like you’ve accomplished something before you dive into the monotony of your day.

No? Just me?

But if you’re not a morning person (also me), it’s a lot easier to keep hitting snooze in lieu of working up a sweat — unless you know about these life-changing morning workout hacks.

But why should you even consider exercising in the morning?

“Morning workouts let you take care of your body first, before getting distracted by the events of the day,” says ACSM-certified exercise physiologist Joan Pagano.

Try to avoid these mistakes

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Running is fun! It’s as simple as that. It’s also incredibly good for you both mentally and physically. Some of us are locked down, others are still able to go outside for one form of exercise, and running has seen an increased uptake as their form of exercise in 2020.

Given that from a very early age we’ve all been able to “run,” we find running easy, but tend to fall into some traps that will make us not enjoy running or if you were like me pre-2017 refuse to just do it.

**I periodically took up running during this…

How to Come Back Pain-Free

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Injuries are part and parcel of the running experience. I personally have never met a runner who has not suffered an injury at some point in their running journey. For myself, I was usually pulling up with calf/thigh issues due to running or football.

Nor have I met a runner who hasn’t hated their time on the proverbial physio’s table. We lose a little fitness and coming back to running feels harder and our fitness goals a little further away.

It downright just sucks!

Returning to running after an injury is no easy feat. It can test the runner’s patience…

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